Accelerated notebook environments for AI agents.

A notebook management platform for AI/ML engineers and data scientists to accelerate their development with AI agents and GPUs.

You're in good company.

Simple but integrative solutions to help the data curious

Explore the frontier of the data evolution. Our latest features redefine the boundaries of what's possible with notebook coding tools.

Notebook Servers

All of your persisted and pre-configured servers in one place for you to manage. Dedicated file storage system and bash interface for each server.


Select from a number of pre-built and configured environments that can support everything from minimal coding operations to advanced simulations that require GPUs.

Instantaneous deployment

Run your microservice or application on port 5000 in your server to view it immediately. Encrypted tunneling for the quickest way to share and deploy data services.

Agent Alph

Our integrated autonomous coding agent for live code generation/compiling within your servers. Have your agent run code, make files, analyze data, and tell you more about your server environment.


Our intuitive visualization tool for tensor benchmarking and trace analysis. Compatible with all servers.


Our open-source client SDK for server management and tensor profiling and benchmarking.